gauging probe digital readout M400

      Multi-gauging station

Increase your control productivity and eliminate measurement errors


Metro proposes custom solutions for controlling complex cylindrical work parts.

The mechanical fixture is based on standard elements that allow reducing consequently the cost of such a system. Measurement is generally done with inductive gauging probes (or other technologies). The results are displayed on a M400 display unit that allow to see instantaneously if the part is OK or not but also to send the result and a lot information to a computer or a PLC.


If the part that has to be controlled is too complex for being measured in one step, Metro proposes special types of fixtures with a rotating element that allows moving the part from the first control step to the next one. The active step is automatically detected and displayed by the M400. When the measurement of the last step is done, a big colour indicator (Green / Red) indicates whether the total part is OK or not.


Why the multi gauging stations from Metro reduces the risk of error?

Because the measurements are not dependant on the operator. Many companies perform their controls with hand tools like calipers that causes risks of wrong measurement and loss of time.


Why the multi gauging stations from Metro increase your productivity?

Because in few seconds, our system is able:

- to measure up to 32 characteristics simultaneously

- to display the result GO/NO GO for each characteristics and for the complete part

- to save the measurements with advanced statistics functions

- to communicate all these information to an external system like a computer or a PLC.

Everything with a great reliability, accuracy and a user friendly interface.



  • Custom design adapted to your part
  • Design based on standard parts easily replaceable and adjustable.
  • Great repeatability
  • Low cost and fast return on investment

Multi Gauging station

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The multi-gauging fixture is made with standard elements that allows :

  • To reduce the price of the system
  • To reduce the engineering and delivery time
  • To be able to re-use elements on others fixtures when a part is finished to produce
  • To replace easily elements in case of damage


Below are few examples of standard elements. For complete list or quotation for a specific part, please contact us.



The multi-gauging station can be delivered with a M400 display unit that allow to read the probes, displays and send the results to an external system like a PC.

The M400 is particularly adapted for being used with this kind of fixture because it displays clearly and quickly the results without the possibility of wrong interpretation. In the case of measurement in several steps, the M400 detects automatically which step is active and display only the characteristics that are currently measured. The bargraphs size adapts automatically depending on the characteristics number. For complete information about the M400, go the the product page.

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For quotation, please send us by e-mail your part drawing and any useful description.

Item Reference
M400 display unit 45500
Mechanical elements for gauging fixture On demand