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DPC20 : Pressure measuring device for aerosol cans


The DPC20 is a compact device, allowing to control pressure in aerosol cans. Thanks to its intuitive menus and its general simplicity the DPC20 is a device that will be immediately adopted by every operator.


Measurements given by the DPC20 complete the dimensional control faisible by the M400 aerosol. It is also possible to connect the DPC20 on a M400 aerosol, to centralize the measure before a SPC analyze.



  • Touch screen
  • Data export on the PC driverless
  • GO/NOGO colored indicators
  • Measurement storage
  • Sinergy with the M400 aerosol
  • Easy to use, safe and robust
  • Measurements in BAR or PSI




The DPC 20 is fitted with a colored touch screen, allowing an easy set up of the measurement. The Configuration menu is used to parameter the tolerances, the type of measurement (static or dynamic)..


When the DPC20 is used to realize different measurement, it keeps those measure in memory, and it is able to draw curves out of the results. It allows to have an Information on the quality of the batch of the controlled products.


The measurement can also be exported to a M400 or a computer for a SPC analysis.

When the data are transferred to a computer, the DPC 20 acts like a keyboard. It writes where the cursor is, without any driver to install.




     Measuring screen                    

    with GO indicator

    Configuration of a                    


   Curve of measurement







The DPC20 is fitted with an Auto Sleep mode, to save its battery. The time before the DPC20 turns itself off can be configured, in order to adapts everyone's needs. To switch on the device, simply click on the touch screen







The DPC 20 has been created to complete the dimensional measure doable by the M400 aerosol

When both devices are used on the same measuring bench, all the measurements are displayed on the M400. Once the characteristics are set up correctly, the colored indicators allow to control a part within 10 seconds.

This measuring bench allows a gain of time, and the results are independent of the operator.

Furthermore, all the measurements can be transfered all by once to a computer, for a SPC analysis and a metrological follow up.



DPC20 pressure measurement aerosol


Item references


Item Reference
M400 display unit 45500
M-bus modules : Please go here
RS232 communication cable to P.C. 45160



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