1986 : Creation of Metro, development of the first Monocote, a modern stand-alone electronic comparator for inductive gauging probes.


1989 : Development of the SPC500, a stand-alone powerful statictical process analyser that enters in competition with expensive PC-based solutions.


1991 : New range of products for aerosol spray cans control.


1992 : Moving to the factory in Boëge


1996 : End of analogue display units. Rebuilt of the range with digital display units based on microprocessors


2000 : After having acquired a leading position in the French market, we started our expension in Europe. Started presence in Spain, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands


2006 : New distributors in Switzerland. Adaptations of our products for the watchmaking industry.


2007 : New modern range of products with graphical color displays


2007 : Extension of the product's compatibility with Heidenhain incremental linear encoders.


2012 : Introduction of touch screen functions.


2013 : Compatibility with Sylvac probes.


2019 : Moving to our actual factory in St André de Boëge





Monocote gauging comparator

1986's Monocote display Units.