Half bridge (HBT) analogue gauging probes

The Half Bridge or LVDT inductive probes technology has been known for over 100 years and enables to offer a products range covering most of the needs in dimensional control
Metro propose 3 types of inductive sensor. Each of these 3 types is available in several versions.


Capteur Inductif demi pont à ressort Metro

Analogue gauging probe SPRING PUSH


This is the standard version where a spring ensures the actuation of the forward stroke and the contact pressure with the part to be measured.

Product advantages


  • Strong and reliable
Capteur Inductif demi pont pneumatique Metro

Analogue gauging probe PNEUMATIC ACTUATION


On this version the forward stroke is actuated by pressured air.

This type of probe enables to make compact and cost-reduced automatic measurement systems.


Product advantages


  • Strong and reliable
  • Ideal for automated applications
Mini capteur inductif

Miniature analogue gauging probe


The mini probe is a compact low profile transducer that is ideal for measurement in confined places sucge as bores. The transducer is based on a parallel spring structure taht ensures that it provides excellent repeatability over a long working life, even when rotated in bores that have key slots or lubrication ports.

Product advantages


  • Compact
  • Strong and reliable