gauging probe digital readout aerosol M400

M400 Aerosol


M400 Display for Aerosol dimensional control


Metro has designed the M400 Aerosol specially for the dimensional control of cans. The can is hold by the measuring tips of the probes, ensuring stability and precision of the measurement.


The M400 aerosol allow a gain of time in the measuring process, and gives a measurement independent on the operator.


All the probes are included and installed in the M400 housing. The display shows the 4 main characteristics on screen. This devices allows an efficient and fast quality control of any aerosol can.


Thanks to its intuitive menus, its touch screen and its user friendly interface, the M400 aerosol will easily be adopted by every user.


The parts in contact with the aerosol are made in stainless-steel (316L), according to the food industry norms.



  • 7" touch screen
  • Data export on SPC software.
  • Can store a high number of measurements
  • different communication ways: Ethernet, Modbus TCPn RS232, multifunctional footswitch ...
  • User friendly and robust





M400 aerosol presentation :






The M400 is fitted with a large colored touch screen (7" - 17.8 cm), allowing an easy configuration of the device. Icon desktop and drop down menu are designed to let the user set up the measurement parameters in the easiest way. Measurement are displayed with the form of bargraphs.




The M400 aerosol measures the following characteristics:


-Crimp diameter (1)

-Crimp height (2)

-Stem height (3)

-Dome height (4)







The back side of the M400 aerosol includes the following elements :

-Power supply Input 12-30 VDC

-USB Stick connector

-USB Device port, allow to transfer the measurements easily to a computer, without any driver

-Input for multifunctional footswitch

-M-Bus port for communication with the optional M-Bus modules from Metro.

-Com port








The M400 is delivered with a master part for calibration


Icon desktop                              

Caracteristic settings                    

Virtual keyboard







The M400 can store up to 64 part references, and up to 30 000 measurement of each of them.

Saved data can be locally used for statistical analysis (SPC type). The following functions are available on M400:


Histograms with gauss curve          

Pareto Analysis                          

Run chart



It is possible to connect other probes on the M400, limited by 99 probes inputs. As the M400 doesn't have any direct input for probes, it is necessary to use our Mbus Modules





To complete the dimensional measures of the M400 aerosol, Metro has created a pressure measuring tool, the DPC 20. This device can be connected to the M400, so that pressure is also displayed on the M400.

DPC20 pressure measurement aerosol


Item references


Item Reference
M400 aerosol display unit 45200
M-bus modules : List of modules






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