gauging probe digital readout M400

M400 : Digital readout for

gauging probes

Touch screen display unit for up to 99 probes and 32 characteristics



The M400 is a powerful gauging unit designed to make dimensional control from 1 to 99 probes, air gages or measuring instruments.
The M400 is universal (different probe's technologies accepted) and powerful (up to 32 characteristics displayed in the same time, trigonometrical functions, statistical functions, PLC functions...)


The M400 is able to communicate with PLC using modbus RTU or Profinet (through our Certified Profinet MOD-PN module).


Thanks to its intuitive menus and its general simplicity the M400 is a device that will be immediately adopted by every operator.

Its housing machined in a solid aluminium block offers to the M400 an incomparable robustness, even used in the most severe industrial environments.
The M400 front face is covered by an integral polyester sheet that ensures a protection against liquid projections like oil.

The M400 can either be delivered as a table device or for panel mounting.


Traceability : Do you need to export your measuring data to your Network ? The M400 can be delivered with a full network acquisition solution allowing to generate different types of file (CSV, XLSX or other on demand) on your server, through the MB-NET module.


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M400 Display unit for dimensional measurement from Air Gages, LVDT or HBT probes, Solartron orbit, Heidenain etc...



  • Up to 99 inputs : Air gages, Inductive or digital probes (LVDT, HBT), incremental encoders (Heidenhain, Magnescale, Mitutoyo) or capacitives (Sylvac), temperature, I/O etc..
  • Possibility to display measurements from instruments (calipers, dial gauges etc.) from any brand
  • Compatible with the Tesa, Sylvac and Bowers bluetooth instruments
  • Up to 32 characteristics displayed in the same screen
  • SPC functions
  • Various means of communications and connections facilities : Profinet (via the MOD-PN external module) USB Host and device, Modbus RTU, RS232, Footswith...
  • Very easy to use and reliable
M400 : Display unit for 
gauging probes, air gage, heidenhain, measuring instruments



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M400 Display unit for dimensional measurement from Air Gages, LVDT or HBT probes, Solartron orbit, Heidenain etc...



The M400 digital readout is fitted with a 7’’ colour display with the touch screen functions allowing an easy configuration of the device thanks to its icon desktop, its windows and its drop down menus. Measurement is displayed with bargraphs, up the 32 measurement characteristics simultaneously.
Virtual keyboards (alphanumerical, numerical and with trigonometrical functions) allows entering part’s names, calculation formulas... An automatic system checks if data is entered with the right format and prevent any typing error.
The M400 is running on our own operating system (not on Windows CE or similar), this allows high performances of display in terms of probe’s reading rate for example.

Icon desktop

Definition of a characteristic

Virtual keyboard

Single characteristic mode with dial gauge display style

4 Characteristics mode

8 Characteristics mode

16 Characteristics mode


The size of the measurement barmeters adapts depending on the characteristics numbers (up to 32).



One advantage of the M400 is its compatibility with different technologies of probes Probes are connected on separate modules through the M-bus network. This modular configuration offers the following advantages :

  • Flexibility of the probes number (up to 99)
  • Possibility to use simultaneously different technologies of probes :
    • Inductive (Metro, Tesa compatible, etc...)
    • Incremental linear encoders (Metro, Heindenhain, Magnescale, Mitutoyo)
    • Capacitive (Sylvac)
    • Digital (Metro - Solartron Orbit)
  • The M400 display unit can be installed far from the probes. Extension modules are connected by only one cable to the M400 without any risk of signal deterioration.




The 8 I/O M-bus module enables to interface automatism devices to the M400 thanks to its 8 optocoupled I/O.
A simple programmation language allows then to define the needed actions in functions of the inputs and the internal status of the M400. Thanks to this language the user can define an PLC program included in the control characteristics in order to perform the requested functions. These remote I/O are made to automate the measurements. They bring the following additionnal functionnalities :

  • Direct automation of a machine by the M400
  • Automation of the measurement by an external system (PLC)
  • Transmission or display of messages on the screen in function of programmable events.



Statistical functions


The M400 is able to store up to 30'000 measurements by part reference and up to 128 part references can be memorized.
The data collected can then be used localy on the M400 for SPC analysis. The following functions are for example available :


Histograms with Gauss curve

Pareto Analysis

Run chart








The M400 is not fitted with direct probes inputs. It is necessary to use our M-Bus probes conditionners to connect probes to the M400.

Item references


Item Reference
M400 display unit 45500
M-bus modules : Please go here
RS232 communication cable to P.C. 45160



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