Multiplexers for gauging probes


This range offer the possibility to connect from 1 to 254 gauging probes on a PC, a PLC or similar equipment.



CA4 : Multiplexeur pour 4 capteurs inductifs avec sortie analogique

CA4 : Conditioner for 4 inductive gauging probes with analog output


The CA4 is a conditioner for HBT or LVDT probes. It is powered in 24VDC

It is fitted with 4 analog outputs from 0 to ±l0 VDC and 0 to ±20 mA...

Product advantages


  • Analogue output
  • Zero and gain settings
M Bus

Conditioners for M-Bus network

The M-bus network enables to connect probes to displays units with the easiest way

It simplifies the wiring and allows to choose the most adapted probes to each situation.

Each probe and conditioner is connected in serie on one single M-Bus connection with a maximum of 256 inputs.

Product advantages


  • Modular
  • Simplify the wiring
  • Allows to mix different technologies of probes