05/07.2020 : Profinet Certification


Our MOD-PN module allows a Profinet communication between our M400 displays and an Profinet compatible PLC.

Our solution is officialy certified ensuring high performances on complex measuring applications.


Click on the picture to download the certificate




18/03.2018 : The construction of our new factory has started



2018 is going to be a major step for Metro

We are going to move at the end of the year on our new factory, about 3 times larger than the actual one.

We will have the space to bring back the mechanical production of our aluminium parts used in mosts of our products (display cases etc). We have invested on a 5-axis milling machine (DMG Mori DMU40 + Erowa Loading Robot ) as well on a new selective soldering machine to solder automatically all the traditionnal components (Ersa)


DMG mori DMU40

machine de cablage ersa




nouvelle usine Metro


09.07.2015 : Connect your Sylvac Bluetooth instruments on the M400 display through the new MB-BT M-Bus module



The new MB-BT module allows to connect up to 8 Sylvac Bluetooth instruments (Calipers, Digital indicators, PS16 Bench, Micrometers), and the Bowers Bluetooth Bore gages onto a the Metro M400 display, or directly to your computer through the MB-RS master module.


Bluetooth instruments from Sylavc connect onto a Metro M400 display through the MB-BT module



06.01.2014 : The M2 display unit becomes touch screen and the M3 reinforce the Metro'range of displays




Metro has updated the M2 display by giving it a touch screen allowing to have a simplified and more intuitive graphical interface.

It is also now possible to connect inductive probes (Metro, Tesa, Mahr) or Heidenhain with a 11uA or 1Vpp signal.


Afficheur M2


The M3 is a M2 with additionnal functions :


- Dynamic measurement (Min, max, Max-min et....)

- Differents display mode, including one that allow to display 2 characteristics in one screen.

- Possibility to connect an I/O M-bus module.

- Control limits (warnings when almost reaching the tolerances limits)


Afficheur M3