09.07.2015 : Connect your Sylvac Bluetooth instruments on the M400 display through the new MB-BT M-Bus module



The new MB-BT module allows to connect up to 8 Sylvac Bluetooth instruments (Calipers, Digital indicators, PS16 Bench, Micrometers), and the Bowers Bluetooth Bore gages onto a the Metro M400 display, or directly to your computer through the MB-RS master module.


Bluetooth instruments from Sylavc connect onto a Metro M400 display through the MB-BT module



06.01.2014 : The M2 display unit becomes touch screen and the M3 reinforce the Metro'range of displays




Metro has updated the M2 display by giving it a touch screen allowing to have a simplified and more intuitive graphical interface.

It is also now possible to connect inductive probes (Metro, Tesa, Mahr) or Heidenhain with a 11uA or 1Vpp signal.


Afficheur M2


The M3 is a M2 with additionnal functions :


- Dynamic measurement (Min, max, Max-min et....)

- Differents display mode, including one that allow to display 2 characteristics in one screen.

- Possibility to connect an I/O M-bus module.

- Control limits (warnings when almost reaching the tolerances limits)


Afficheur M3