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M2 : comparateur électonique pour capteurs inductifs et incrémentaux avec écran tactile


Display units and digital readouts for Metrology gauging probes


Metro proposes a complete range of high performances display units for conditioning various gaging probe technologies (inductive HBT or LVDT, digital or incremental linear encoders).

Our display units are able to deal with one or several characteristics simultaneously for multi gauging applications and to read from 1 to 100 probes depending on the model.



Capteur inductif demi pont Metro


Gauging probes


The range of metrology probes we propose is wide and complete.

We propose our gauging probes in 3 technologies:

- Inductive gauging probes (analogue).

- Digital gauging probes, for wider possibilities of connections

- Incremental Linear encoders, for a high precision in a large measurement range.

Each of these technologies allows to be adapted to the user's needs in terms of stroke, precision, linearity...



multiplexers for measurement instruments



Metro proposes 2 ranges of multiplexers:


- Multiplexers for metrology gauging probes

This range offer the possibility to connect from 4 to 256 gauging probes on a PC, a PLC or similar equipment


- Multiplexers for measurement instruments

This range offers the possibility to connect all the control instruments of the market (micrometers, calipers, weighting scale etc...) and is divided into 4 products for connecting respectively 2, 4, 8 or 16 instruments to a PC.

Our instrument's multiplexers "MUX" are delivered with a PC software that allows to get the data into your computer.