Mux 4 : Multiplexeur pour instruments

MUX : Multiplexers for measuring instruments

A range of multiplexers with up to 8 universal inputs for measuring instruments


The multiplexer MUX enables the communication of 1 to 8 measuring instruments (caliper, digital indicator, micrometer, weight scale, torque wrench...) from any brand to a PC or similar equipment equipped with a USB port or a RS 232 interface.



Connection possible with the following instruments (but not limited to):

- Digimatic : Mitutoyo, Mahr

- Opto RS232 : Sylvac, Tesa, Bowers, Käfer etc...

- RS232

- Analogue ouput, single or bipolar, in current or in voltage...


Instrument recognition is automatic.


Metro is able to manufacture special cables to connect your instrument to the Mux. For quotation please contact us or your local dealer.



Main characteristics :


  • 1 USB port for a connection to a PC and power supply
  • 1 RS232 port (MUX4 RS232 only) for connection to a PC
  • 4 or 8 inputs for measuring instruments with 1 LED by channel
  • 1 input for external command (footswitch)
  • 1 Reset button
  • Storage temperature -40 °C to +70 °C.
  • Operating temperature : +5°C to +40°C.
  • Power supply 235 V Consumption : 2 VA
Mux 4 : Multiplexeur pour instruments




  • Mitutoyo and Mahr instruments are connected to the MUX4 through their original cable.(Digimatic)
  • Opto RS232 duplex instruments (Ex: Sylvac, Tesa, Käfer...) are connected through a cable ref 18010
  • Instruments having a RS232 output are connected with cables ref 18100. This cable can be delivered ready to use or easily configured by the user in order to fulfill each particular need thanks to the MuxConfig software.
  • Instruments equipped with an analogue output in voltage or current are connected with the cable ref 189xx : ±5V, ±10V, 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA, ±20mA, 0-20mA.





There are 3 ways to read your measuring instrument :

  • By a software request received on the communication port (RS 232 or USB depending on the model).
  • By a footswitch connected to the MUX4
  • By using the tranfer button of the instrument

This configuration enables the PC to get the measurements taken from different instruments.
It is possible to get the measurement one after each other, or several instruments together (multi-gauging)

The free Winmux software allows to bring directly the data into a spreadsheet software (Excel, Open office...).




The Mux are delivered with a USB cable for data transmission and power supply. The box also contains a CD with USB driver, software and user's manuals (English, French and German).


Item references


Item Reference
Mux4 with USB port. Includes USB cable18004
Mux4 with RS232 port18004-R
Mux8 with USB port. Includes USB cable18008
Mux8 with RS232 port (old version)18008-R
Mux16 with RS232 port (old version)18016
Cable between Mux and Opto RS232 instruments18010
Configurable cable between Mux and instruments (RS232) 18100
RS 232 cable for communication with PC18060
RS232 to USB cable for communication with PC45173
Winmux software download
Ready to use cables between MUX and RS232 instrumentsList on demand
Analogue instrument cables List on demand



Footswitch : (ref 18020 )


This footswitch is used to send a measurements to the USB or RS232 port



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