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In the industrial world, competitiveness and product quality are a vital necessity for the company. Strict and rapid control of products is essential. Metro products are perfectly suited to this mission.
Some examples:

  •  Incoming control
  •  In-production control of parts, by sampling or total (100%)
  •  Dimensional selection (grading) of component in order to optimize the final assembly.
  •  Dimensional control associated with a means of SPC type.
  •  Final inspection.
Metro - applications

Our electronic precision measurement devices are used in many industries


Excellent accuracy & reliability of measurement of all our dimensional metrology devices

Multi-quote control.
The main use of our sensor products is in the control of a range of high precision mechanical parts. The automotive industry is the largest field of application for our products, whose characteristics ensure reliable control of complex engine or transmission parts.

Multidimensional testing is based on the use of a perfect mechanical part, the standard. It is used as a reference element during the initialization phase of the sensors fitted to the inspection jig. The parts produced are then compared to these reference dimensions in order to evaluate their accuracy. This is a comparative measurement where the quality of repeatability of the measurement chain is essential.

Automatic control on manufacturing line.
Our devices, perfectly designed to be integrated into manufacturing lines, ensure real-time control of 100% of the parts produced, thus ensuring the desired "zero defect".

Control tooling Many hand tools today incorporate Metro measuring assemblies to ensure excellent measurement accuracy and reliability. They can be found in applications such as internal and external diameter control and thickness measurement.

Areas of application Our products are used in many types of industries, wherever there is a need for precision measurement.

Some examples :

  •   Aeronautics
  •   Automotive
  •   Cosmetics
  •   Watchmaking
  •   Medical
  •   Ball bearings
Metro - Applications
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