Do you have a measuring device with an RS232 output and you would like to be able to interface it to a Metro product in order to integrate it into your measurement file, for example?

The MB-1R is the solution, this 1 RS232 input module allows you to connect an instrument, scale, roughness meter, laser micrometer etc.

It is programmed on request for the instrument to be connected. Here is the list of current possibilities and the associated product references.

However, if your device is not in this list, contact us to see the possibilities.

Instrument type MB-1R software reference
Weight scale KERN PCB MB-1R-SOFT-001
Dessouter CVIC V4 MB-1R-SOFT-002
Keyence LS7000 MB-1R-SOFT-003
Keyence LS9000 MB-1R-SOFT-004
Mettler ICs425 MB-1R-SOFT-005
Mettler XPR603S MB-1R-SOFT-006
OHaus Adventurer MB-1R-SOFT-007
Pyrometer Raytek / Fluke Thermalert 4.0 MB-1R-SOFT-008
Sartorius Combics v2 MB-1R-SOFT-009
Sylvac Opto rs duplex MB-1R-SOFT-010
Laser Takikawa MB-1R-SOFT-011
Laser aeroel XC40 MB-1R-SOFT-012
Mahr Marsurf Ps10 MB-1R-SOFT-013
Mahr Marcator MB-1R-SOFT-014
Precia Molen Ci20 MB-1R-SOFT-015
Mitutoyo SJ210 MB-1R-SOFT-017
Mitutoyo SJ410 MB-1R-SOFT-018
Mitutoyo SJ500 MB-1R-SOFT-019
Kraemer HC6.2 MB-1R-SOFT-020
Metro DPC20 manometer MB-1R-SOFT-021
Metro M3 display MB-1R-SOFT-022
Westerngage AEKII MB-1R-SOFT-023
Mettler XP weight scale MB-1R-SOFT-024
A&D EK-600i Weight Scale MB-1R-SOFT-025
Laser micrometer Mitutoyo (display Mitutoyo LSM6200 + laserLSM503S) MB-1R-SOFT-026
Magna-Mike 8600 Hall Effect Thickness Gage MB-1R-SOFT-027
Pyromètre Raytek Mi3 MB-1R-SOFT-028
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