Module to connect 1 air gage to M3 M400 displays.

Several modules can be connected together in order to connect several air gages, or multi-level air gages.

Possibility to calibrate in 2 or 3 points.

Filter function to increase the measurement stability

Compatible with any brand of air gage

To guarantee a good measurement performance, a high stability air preparation with a precision regulator need to be used. A standard regulator will lead to an unstable measurement. We highly recommend using the air preparation delivered by Metro.

Air preparation

We have qualified the following air preparations and we delivered it to you already adjusted

ACS-PNE-003 : Standard regulator and precision regulator

ACS-PNE-004 : controllable solenoid valve to regulate the air in standard or economy mode. This regulator can be controlled withe the module MB-RO

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